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Interior and exterior remodeling services in Kalamazoo, MI

You have big ideas for your home, and Tyler Home Improvements is here to help make them a reality. Call today for a free, on-site estimate on home improvement projects to increase the interior and exterior qualities of your Kalamazoo, Michigan home.

Transform your bathroom with Tyler Home Improvements

Transform your bathroom with Tyler Home Improvements

Bathroom remodeling services in Kalamazoo, MI

Bathroom remodels typically offer a higher return on your investment than any other remodeling project. Upgrade your bathrooms with tile floors and showers, custom dual vanities and modern plumbing and lighting fixtures. Call today for a free estimate and add value to your whole Kalamazoo, MI, home with bathroom remodels by Tyler Home Improvements.

Enhance your outdoor living space with a deck by Tyler Home Improvements

Deck installations and repairs in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Nothing adds outdoor leisure space to a home like a quality deck. Choose a traditional wooden deck or, for a low-maintenance, durable structure, consider composite decking. While costing a little more upfront, composite decking requires no staining and preserving, providing a beautiful, headache-free surface for years and years.

Your gutters are more than trim!

Gutter and gutter protection installations in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Your gutters provide more than an accent to the exterior of your home. Gutters are essential to channeling water off your roof and away from your property. Insufficient or blocked guttering systems can lead to extensive and costly water damage. Get an efficient and appealing gutter system complete with gutter protection in Kalamazoo, Michigan from Tyler Home Improvements.

If money isn’t flying out the window, is it walking out the door?

Entry door installations in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Like your windows, if you exterior doors aren’t in good condition, they could be allowing air to transfer in and out of your home. Furthermore, faulty doors leave your home susceptible to uncontested entry of burglars. Call Tyler Home Improvements today for a free estimate on entry door installations in Kalamazoo, Michigan.